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“Pioneer Investors” has a diversified portfolio of highly talented groups in truly innovative fields which crosses industries and borders; we work in deep partnership with those companies such that we can enhance their chances of success, and to target areas of high efficacy.

The founders and teams we partner with, all strive to create something real, meaningful and with a lasting impact on the world around us. It is the common thread across our entire portfolio.

  • Kia
    "Pioneer Investors" has demonstrated integrity over the long term. When many investment firms appear just long enough to make a quick buck and leave, PI endures. They always find ways to make good investments even when it's not easy. Their strong business ethics and integrity is top notch and has made our working relationship very pleasurable and efficient.
  • Sayed Mustafa
    As a VC, “Pioneer Investors” has always been a great supporter of our startup team and has always been trying to help us taking the right steps and achieving sustainable and steady progress by building connections with influencers and important people, giving operative support and mentorship.
    Sayed Mustafa
  • Alamgir Bin Ansar
    When it comes to investing there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but “Pioneer Investors” helps you make it happen. They've coached us and helped us to be more confident to share our story with the world. “Pioneer Investors” to us is the start of a long-lasting journey.
    Alamgir Bin Ansar
  • Pedram Mousavi
    We at Hamibash aim to fly and "Pioneer Investors" has given us wings by passing its wisdom through mentorships and creating strong networks which were good enough for us to find new levels of achievement and push us forward to the definition of success that we have in mind.
    Pedram Mousavi
  • Mustafa
    "Pioneer Investors" is a well known venture capital, that invests in new technologies and innovations. Expert human resources, precise analysis and evaluations, and brief knowledge of fundamental science, are the main characteristics of PI team, in the view of Entrepreneur and innovators.