Global anticipation for the biggest event… GITEX starts next Sunday

Global anticipation for the biggest event... GITEX starts next Sunday

Global anticipation for the biggest event... GITEX starts next Sunday

Pioneer Investors – Next Sunday, the 41st edition of GITEX Technology Week starts and continues for 5days (17 – 20 October 2021) in the World Trade Center in Dubai.

GITEX Technology Week is the most prominent technical event that has been held for 41 years and brings different groups of industry leaders, emerging companies, and major players in the technological development world under one roof.

GITEX is the only event that highlights the most prominent technical visions on a large scale around the world, including the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, 5G communications, cloud computing, big data, digital security, blockchain technologies, quantum computing, immersive marketing technologies, and financial technology.

GITEX is also considered as one of the most important technology exhibitions with the participation of the largest technology companies, governmental agencies, and startups to present the latest innovations from around the world.

A wide range of established and emerging technology companies working in 26 different sectors will participate in GITEX 2021 activities include training sessions in the field of deep learning, workshops, and live presentations that contribute to shaping a glorious future for the digital market.

The exhibition will be expanded to be larger than ever this year. GITEX global exhibition will start simultaneously with GITEX Future Stars, the Future of Blockchain Summit, the Artificial Intelligence for Everything Summit, the Marketing Manya show, and the Fintech Surge event.