GITEX 2022 concludes its work in Dubai and distinguished participation of pioneer Investors

GITEX 2022 concludes its work in Dubai and distinguished participation of pioneer Investors

GITEX 2022 concludes its work in Dubai and distinguished participation of pioneer Investors

Pioneer Investors – The activities of the 42nd edition of the “GITEX Global” exhibition and conference, which was held from 10 to 14 October, were concluded with the participation of more than 5,000 exhibiting companies, and more than 100,000 participants from more than 170 countries.

The 42nd GITEX Global Exhibition and Conference highlighted technological innovation and a number of important technological topics, including emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science, metaverse, and digital financial solutions.

The 42nd edition of “GITEX 3.0” was the most influential version in the history of the event, as it covered 7 diverse technology topics across the fields of the metaverse. The future of the decentralized Internet, and the sustainable global digital economy.

The five-day annual event, with its exceptional size and continuous expansion, also reflected the ambitious digital transformation movement in the UAE and the region. Similar to government initiatives such as the UAE National Program for Coders, the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, and the “Next GenFDI” initiative

250 government entities leading strategic digital projects and public-private partnerships participated in GITEX. and Emirati government agencies working to develop smart cities and digital projects.

GITEX 3.0 included the launch of seven technology events during the global exhibition, which is “North StarDubai” dedicated to startups. and “Artificial Intelligence in Everything”, and the “Future of Blockchain” Summit. In partnership with the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority, Fintech Surge, and Marketingminia, in addition to the launch of two new events this year in which spaces are fully booked. They are “Global Def Salam” for programmers and global developers, and “X-V”.

In turn, Pioneer Investors, a private venture capital company from the Oman startup ecosystem, had active participation in the GITEX exhibition hosted by the Dubai World Trade Center.

The company’s participation is accompanied by 4 startups from the pioneer’s portfolio (SmartZi, Terra Unity, Rubect, Diabetter) with the aim of obtaining financing for these companies and also searching for new investment goals.

We, at Pioneer Investors, have a diversified portfolio of highly talented cross-industries teams in truly innovative fields, interacting deeply with them to enhance their success chances and put new prospects in front of them. The founders and teams we partner with all strive to create something authentic, meaningful, and with a long-lasting impact on the environment, society and industry; it is the common thread across our entire portfolio.

The CEO of Pioneer Investors, Mr. Hossein Nazarboland, was one of the most prominent speakers during the exhibition. In his speech, he spoke about the climate and investment opportunities in the Sultanate of Oman and gave an overview of the Sultanate’s vision 2040 and the need for investment expansion in the Gulf countries in light of the developments in the international arena.