An agreement to establish 20 startups in the field of fintech in Oman… Find out the registration dates

fintech in oman

fintech in oman

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund “INMA”, represented by the Oman Academy for Small and Medium Enterprises, signed a partnership agreement between the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, the National Bank of Oman and the Paradigms Consulting company, to implement a training program in the field of financial technology and establish 20 startups in the field of fintech in Oman, within the framework of integration, partnership and strategic partnership development. Between the public and private sectors in the field of supporting small and medium enterprises and in line with the future vision “Oman 2040”.

The agreement was signed by the Omani Academy, Sheikh Salah bin Hilal Al Maawali, CEO of INMA Fund, at the headquarters of the National Bank of Oman. This strategic partnership aims to implement a program for training Omani youth to establish companies specialized in the field of financial technology, targeting graduates of universities and colleges in the Sultanate that offer finance and accounting majors, within a period of up to 6 months of entrepreneurship training, in the field of financial technology in the sector The program seeks to enable these trainees to establish sustainable and emerging projects in the field of financial technology.

Al-Maawali said, “We are pleased to sign this joint agreement that serves this advanced sector (the financial technology sector). The training program paves the way for the establishment of 20 Omani start-up companies in the fields of financial technology, which are the fastest growing and innovative technology sectors at the present time, and we are ready to provide all the tools. That would achieve the success of this strategic partnership and the reaping of its fruits that will positively affect the economic growth of the country. “

The training program is designed with a simulation system and the presence of trainers with extensive specialized experience in order to train and empower Omani youth in the field of financial technology, which is classified as a set of modern technologies used in providing financial services and products, such as electronic payment, transfers, digital currencies, blockchain and crowdfunding platforms, and includes innovative and developed practices aimed at providing financial products and new services.

Registration dates will be announced later on the official social media websites of the four parties that have signed the strategic partnership agreement.

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