Amazon launches program to support startups in the MENA

Amazon launches program to support startups in the MENA

Amazon launches program to support startups in the MENA

Pioneer Investors – Amazon Electronic Payment Services has announced the launch of a program aimed at supporting startups looking to grow their electronic businesses in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Startups Go Online will give startups free or discounted services, tools, and resources to help simplify and speed up the process of expanding their businesses in today’s digital economy.

As part of the program, Amazon ePay Services is offering free monthly account management support, discounted banking interest, a 50% discount on Amazon ePayment Services installments, and a special account manager to manage the quick setup track, including go-to-market guidance and two live online training sessions. The program also extends Amazon e-Payment Services benefits as part of AWS Activate, providing eligible startups that choose to join the program with cloud computing tools including AWS Credits and AWS Support Credits to help them quickly get started on AWS and grow their businesses.

This new program was announced at the “Step 2022” conference in Dubai. “At Amazon ePayment Services, empowering startups across the region is an essential part of our mission and culture. This new program is another step in our ongoing commitment to support businesses of all sizes with simple, affordable, and reliable online payment experiences. We are confident that the Startups Go Online program will help startups in the MENA region successfully grow their businesses online.” Peter George, CEO of Amazon ePayment Services said.

Given the potential that the digital payment space offers for start-ups and SMEs, Mohamed Imtiaz, President of Business Development for Amazon E-Payment Services, delivered a speech on the first day of the STEP conference, titled “Achieving Merchants Equity – Digital Payments is the biggest Equation”

“From sending payment links via text messages, to adding a secure payment gateway to the website, digital payments allow merchants to sell their products to customers anytime and anywhere in the world. By partnering with the right payment service provider, startups can enhance their market reach, customize payment options based on customer preferences, highlight detailed information and access valuable data, enjoy a simple setup and integration experience, all while reducing costs and ensuring return Investing to grow their online business.” Mohammed Imtiaz said.

Imtiaz also participated in an interactive workshop organized by Scality, one of Amazon’s partners for electronic payment services, at the “Step” conference, where he shared best practices with startups and talked about choosing appropriate payment solutions, tailored to the buying habits and trends of the online audience.